In the piping systems, the Pipe elbow is a commonly used pipe fittings to change the direction of pipeline, among all of the use of pipe fittings, pipe elbow occupied the largest proportion of approximately 80% in all fittings used in piping systems. There has different molding processes for different materials or thickness of the pipe elbow. According to the production process it can be divided into welding elbow, stamping elbow and cast elbow etc. According to the manufacturing standards it can be divided into American standard, German standard,Japanese standard and the GB standards etc.


According to the bending radius the Pipe elbow can be divided into Long radius elbow and Short radius elbow. Long radius elbow means that the Bending radius equivalent to 1.5 times of the pipe OD, namely R=1.5D ( In addition, Bellowman also be able to provide the Long radius elbow with R=2D3D4D……10D ). Short radius elbow means that the Bending radius equivalent to the OD of the pipe, namely R=1.0D ( D: OD of the pipe, R: Bending radius ). According to the pressure rating it can be divided into Sch5Sch10Sch20Sch30; STD: Sch40Sch60; XS: Sch80Sch100Sch120Sch140Sch160; XXS: Sch5sSch20sSch40sSch80s, 150mm maximum. STD and XS are in common use.


The material of the Pipe elbow which Bellowman be able to provide is Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and malleable cast iron etc. The radius of the Pipe elbow which can be provided is 45°, 90° and 180°, in addition, other radius such as 60° elbow also can be provided.


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     L/R 180° Elbow ( Carbon steel )            L/R 90° Elbow  ( Carbon steel )               L/R 45° Elbow  ( Carbon steel )

  S/R 180° Elbow ( Carbon steel )             S/R 90° Elbow  ( Carbon steel )              S/R 45° Elbow  ( Carbon steel )

  180° Elbow  ( Stainless steel )                90° Elbow  ( Stainless steel )                  45° Elbow  ( Stainless steel )

    180° Elbow  ( Alloy steel )                        90° Elbow  ( Alloy steel )                        45° Elbow  ( Alloy steel )