Beijing Bellowman Technology Co.,Ltd is a wholly onwed Chinese company, was founded by experienced bellows and expansion joints people, among them the present Gereral manager is Jackie Zhao who with 10 years of experience in this field. Bellowman integrated with manufacture, stock, trade and service, providing mainly various flexibility, pipelines and fluid & gas transferring solution all over the world. Its headquarter and service centre is located in Beijing—the capital of China.


Bellowman designs and manufactures Precision bellows and Metal expansion joints from DN6 to more than DN7000.


As a service to our customers Bellowman also supply :


● Rubber expansion joints

● Fabric expansion joints

● Ductile cast iron pipes

● Stainless steel pipes

● Carbon steel seamless pipes

● Carbon steel welded pipes

● Alloy steel pipes


When choosing a supplier of manufacturing or service, it is important that you have a partner with skills and experiences to provide an innovative and reliable products. That is why customers have always selected Bellowman to provide products and services for the past years. Bellowman responds quickly to provide solutions, often for complex problems, which may not be available from other suppliers.


Bellowman welcome the opportunity to assist you with your most demanding requirements and look forward to providing you with a solution that meets and exceeds your needs.